"It's more than what we build it's what we're built upon."
BOLDT® 4 Pillars Instruction Guide
This concept was based upon BOLDT® being built upon 4 PILLARS-
1. We Listen.
2. We Collaborate.
3. We Communicate.
4. We Understand.
Concept Rendering
2 metal plates and 4 metal screws (representing 4 Pillars) hold the pages and acetate inside together.
BOLDT® 4 PIllars Instruction Guide
To build something lasting, be it a structure or relationship, takes extraordinary vision and hard work. It starts with the right foundation.
Cover, First Page and Inside Spreads
1. Metal plate with window and 4 screws, recycled paper and acetate 2. Inside Spread: 4 pages with acetate dividers
Back Spread and Back Cover
Trade Show Booth
In addition to the direct mail brochure, I extended the look and feel to a trade show booth with an interchangeable back screen projection (depending on the event). I also included a touch screen station.

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